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July 2, 2012
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Discord's Pony Hunt by Mickeymonster Discord's Pony Hunt by Mickeymonster
:iconcryssy-miu: Made this really awesome comic! :D which was inspired by my Squeezin' It series.
I commented that I was a little sad I didn't have this idea myself first, but she was really nice and said I was allowed to draw it in my own style! :w00t: What a cool gal! :glomp:

So, here it is! :) I'm very glad with the result! :D

Characters Habsro
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As usual, your work has a unique design for the Mane Six that I always have loved, however this time it is more than simply the sketchy lines we usually receive. I think this is one of the few times we have seen your work in color, and it really is amazing. The second to last panel gives off the right sense of fear while the last panel is the polar opposite. It really shows your ability to change settings and styles at will.

The artwork itself I really cannot bring myself to say it is original and give it all stars simply because your have in fact shown Discord tickling the mane six six times before this, and more so. Your technique is your own style, it just sometimes gives the heads a slightly... strange looking appearance, so I honestly cannot give it full stars simply because Twi's head in the last frame creeps me out. However that is only a minor complaint, and nitpicky at that.
Great as always.
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Okay. My first critique.)

Maybe I am naive and inexpirienced, but I was surprised by ending twist. "Okay, good-looking grimdark comic, nice style... wait... wat" - pretty much my thoughts. Good work.

Style is goood. Where it needs to be scary it's scary. Solid colors, simple forms. Everything looks nice together, nothing seems out of place. Gives "videotape footage" impression.

Don't know if it was inspired by "Meet the Pyro" and Pyrovision, but looks original enough for me. Discord thinks he all big, scary and horrifying, but he's just a big softie inside. Didn't matter how many comics with this idea I see it's always heartwarming and cute.
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INGUSH98 Mar 22, 2014  New member
Great ! Thumbs Up 
Really got me there.
wackko200 Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL!!! I love this comic! They turned "Hide and Go Seek" into a drama game!:)
SEGASister Sep 12, 2013  Student Writer
Aww! :D
It always gets to me how you made it so UNBELIEVABLY TERRIFYING in the beginning, then drop-dead adorable at the end.
Well done. XD
Thanks! :'D Took a lot of hard work. .3.
No problem! :aww:
Turned out good in the end. :XD:
ha did not see that coming...
the Beginning made me scared sh*tless
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